The surf

On Tuesday, we went surfing in portush.At frist we made movements to warm up .We went to the sea, we had an equipment but it was very cold.

Then  on the beach an instructor showed us movements to stay the board.

After we tried to surf. Then there was two technicals to stand up on the board. The frist was diffuclt and the second was more easy.

And we surfed, It was funny but difficult to stand up on the board

The legend of the giant’s causeway

We go at the giant’s causeway the sunday’s afternoon.The giant’s causeway is in north of Ireland in town of Bushmills.
According to legend, two giant’s enemies live around the sea.One giant is irish and his name is Finn McCool.
Another giant is Scottish and his name is Benandonner. Benandonner insult Finn McCool and one night Finn McCool decide to build a « causeway » for cross a sea between Scotland and Ireland.
But when Finn McCool see Benandonner, his has scream to the tallest of the another giant and he come come back at his home.
His wife decide to dress up in a baby.When Benandonner come, his wife introduce her baby.
Because her baby is so big Benandonner has scream and he run away in Scotland.

This is where does the giant’s causeway!



Saturday 22th of March 2014

Lunch time in Portrush.

Lunch time in Portrush.

Shopping time!

Shopping time on the afternoon.

Monopoly at Erin's home.

Monopoly at Erin’s home.

Ice cream time in Portstewart after dinner.





















I woke up at 9:00, and I talked my correspondent’s mum once I had gotten up. After I stayed in my bedroom for a while. My corespondent made cake for us all, and at 11:30, Alice and Bethany joined us. Shortly after, Lucie, Niamh, Erin, Evaelle, Teo and Shannon also showed up. We went into Portrush town to do shopping and have lunch. Teo and I had chicken nuggets and chips. After, we bought some souvenirs and of course, we went on the amusements! It started to rain, so Niamh’s Father took us to Erin’s house. We stayed there all afternoon. In the evening, we went to eat ice cream in Portstewart. After a short while, we returned to Erin’s house, now also with Marie, Maeve, Mallaury and Eve. We played hide and seek and had chocolate and fizzy drinks. We also played the piano together but then we had to go home to sleep.


Surf Day in Ireland !

Surfing time

Tuesday: “Surf day” !

In the morning, we went to the beach for a little debriefing. Our teachers divided us into two different groups and sent one of the groups to do a treasure-hunt in the morning (this group would surf in the afternoon, whilst the second would go treasure hunting). The morning went really well, but we didn’t win. I was disappointed, because, in my group, we did all the questions, and I was sure we would win. But no. Well, you must just keep in your mind that is it just a game…

We had to find a characteristic sign that would tell us how a dog owner had to pay if he forgot to clean up after his dog, met the owner of the shop “ Blue Moon “ and get proof of our visit, translate into french a religious sentence from English and then write it down… things like that.

It was funny, and we were lucky because, in my group, there was a person, my own correspondent, who knew Portrush very well. So, it was a pleasure.

But, I keep thinking that the funniest part of this wonderful day was the surf afternoon we did. Let’s see… how can you not laugh when your favourite teacher tries to surf? Impossible. I absolutely died laughing. I have some regrets: it would be funnier if all the students surfed at once, with all the teachers as well. Why did they separate us in two groups? Maybe because of the surf coaches, who could not have kept an eye on all of us … But it happened like that and I won’t discuss any further about that.

It was such an amazing afternoon, that’s all I have to say!

In fact, it was really funny to try to catch a wave and … fall off the surf board. I was not able to get up on my board but I surfed on my knees. It was better than to fall in the waves. Some of us were very successful: they stood up and remained standing.

Not me.

I think it was my best day out of the whole trip, even if I wasn’t really ready for it… Yes, definitely, it was such an amazing day. And so was the trip, of course.

Thanks to everyone!

Our first day at school

Today we spent all day at school.

We studied many different subjects for exemple geography, history, biology, english and some translation.

Our favorite subject was geography because we played a game and it was fun.

We had fun during the day.

This is their geography room

Mallaury.B et Téo.PIMG_7326

School Dominican College Portstewart

IMG_6959IMG_7284The school of Portstewart “Dominican College  Portstewart”  it is build for be a  convent. In 1917 Portstewart had a growing population of over 1600, yet there existed no provision for the education of Catholic children apart from the local Catholic primary school. The convent soothsayer then the school premises. The school it is in the seaside. In this school we learned some subject to we don’t learned in French’s school like religion, media…They dressed in uniform and do the entreaty the morning.

by Guillet Oscar

and Sigonney  Stephane



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